Permalloy Bar/Rod


    Soft magnetic alloy is a kind of iron based alloy, with high initial permeability, low magnetic vulnerability, high stability and low AC loss and other excellent magnetic properties, is one of the important materials in the manufacture of power and electronic devices, induction devices, transformers, inductance devices and so on. Commonly used soft magnetic alloys mainly include ferrosilicon, ferronickel, ferrocobalt and so on.

    Second, the role of soft magnetic alloy

    1. Improve electrical parameters

    Soft magnetic alloy has the characteristics of high initial permeability and low magnetic vulnerability, which can improve the magnetic flux density in the circuit, so as to improve the output, sensitivity and frequency response of the electrical apparatus.

    2. Reduce the size of appliances

    Soft magnetic alloys have a high magnetic saturation induction strength and can achieve the desired magnetic properties in a small volume, which can reduce the size and weight of electrical appliances.

    3. Reduce power consumption

    Soft magnetic alloys have low conductivity and high permeability, so they can reduce power consumption and temperature rise in AC circuits, and improve the efficiency and service life of electrical appliances.

    4. Improve stability and reliability

    Soft magnetic alloy has high thermal stability and low magnetic crystal anisotropy, and can maintain excellent magnetic and mechanical properties in high temperature environment, so as to improve the service life and reliability of electrical appliances.

    Third, the application field of soft magnetic alloy

    Soft magnetic alloy is widely used in power, electronics, communications, medical, aerospace and other fields. Among them, ferrosilicon is the most commonly used soft magnetic alloy, mainly used in low-frequency high-power transformers, low-frequency inductors, AC motors, etc. Nickel-iron is mainly used in high frequency electronic devices, signal transformers, magnetic isolators, etc. Cobalt iron is mainly used in sensors, magnetic couplers, reluctance sensors and so on.

    In short, soft magnetic alloy is a material with excellent magnetic properties and thermal stability, its role includes improving electrical parameters, reducing electrical size, reducing power consumption and improving stability and reliability. With the progress of science and technology and the rapid development of power electronics and communication technology, the application fields of soft magnetic alloys will be more extensive.




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